Windows 7 Becomes The Most Popular Surpassing Other Windows OS Versions


Microsoft is apparently looking for the future, but it seems that many of its personal computer (PC) users are still firmly entrenched in the past. Currently, there are still many people who buy Windows 7 OS version even if Microsoft want people to shift to Windows 8.1 and the recently released Windows 10. Windows 7 (Win 7) operating system may be five years old, but the software is still used by many people than its successors Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 and its predecessor Windows XP according to NetMarketShare data.


Popularity of the OS

Win. 7 has become so popular that it now accounts for 55.99 percent of all the desktop OS, which is more than Windows 8, Windows XP and Windows 8.1 combined. You have to appreciate the fact that for years, Windows XP was the go-to choice for many offices and schools, but the position appears to have changed with the introduction of Win 7 for these segments of target consumers.


The popularity of Windows 7 operating system can be attributed to a large proportion of Windows users who prefer to buy the Windows OS they know than rushing to the latest version of the OS introduced by Microsoft. It is, in fact, one of the challenges Microsoft have to deal with when it looks forward to supporting its entire user base, given the fact that they have different versions of Windows.


Free Upgrade

Recently, Microsoft announced that it would be making a free upgrade to Windows 10 for users with genuine Win 7, 8, and 8.1 at least for a period. With this free upgrade offer, Microsoft hoped that it would encourage PC users to upgrade to Windows 10. The point is that a large user base for Windows 10 means large audience for new features such as Cortana in Windows 10 and an increased congruence between the Windows PCs and Windows Phone, a strategy that Microsoft want to pursue.


Microsoft knows that a free upgrade is a factor many users will be excited about but there other factors users have to consider before upgrading. For instance, users also consider the compatibility and interface in a particular working environment. Many people are still used to Win 7, and they may be the hardest people to convince that the upgrade is worth.


Why do you need it?

If you are considering to purchase Windows 7 professional, you may be interested to know that when it was launched in October 2009, it overtook Mac OS X within three months, within ten months it overtook Windows Vista, and two years after launch, it overtook Windows XP. Clearly, Windows 7 is the most popular Windows OS system so far, and even Windows 10 will need several years to surpass the record Win 7 created.


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