5 Ways to Protect a Basement Furnace


The basement of the house seems the most logical place to stow the furnace. It is out of the way and should be somewhat protected in that location. Unfortunately, there are a few hazards to avoid in order to keep this appliance in good working order. Below are five ways to keep your heating unit safe from damage.

1. Keep the Area Clear

This is one household appliance that you do not want to quit working when the weather turns bitter cold. Basements are one of the more common locations to find this home heating essential but are also the most likely areas used for storage. Keep cardboard boxes, plastic bags, and tubs well clear of the immediate area. Your heater needs to have access to fresh air at all times to operate effectively. It will also reduce any fire hazards.

2. Create a “No Lean” Zone

Being in a hurry can mean rakes, shovels, and boards might be set against the basement walls and furnace. This is asking for damage to happen at some point. Take the time to put things where they belong and inspect that everyone else is following the “no lean” rule.

3. Avoid Stirring Up Dust

Dust and dirt can clog up your heating system and render the appliance useless. Avoid activities in the area that can create dust, such as moving things around unnecessarily and using a saw. Find a better location to use power tools, such as the garage, patio, or back yard.

4. Moisture Seal the Basement

Water leaks can lead to a disgusting mold problem in the basement. It can also begin the process of corroding your furnace. This will lead to eventual furnace repairs Newmarket and replacement. Total encapsulation can be done in areas of the basement that has a dirt floor. Fix all cracks in the basement walls and floors where water can come inside. Make sure all windows are sealed from the weather.

5. Move the Furnace to a Higher Level

You may want to consider moving the furnace to a higher level if your home is prone to basement flooding. There is a cost to doing this, but the overall savings of your appliance make it worthwhile. Utility rooms are a popular area to move the heating unit into. Consult with a professional about the best plan to bring the heater up from the basement level safely.

Furnace repairs can be tough on any household budget. Keeping it protected is the best way to avoid the unnecessary expense of a fix or replacement.


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