Why Investing in the indoor GPS is Vital


GIS has been instrumental when it comes to mapping the outdoor world, but the indoor environment is a different kettle of fish. While most indoor mapping systems are inaccurate, the introduction of the GPS indoor positioning software has introduced another dimension to this phenomenon. The best way to map the indoors with certainty and accuracy is to invest in a WiFi-enabled mobile app that recognizes the floor levels too.

By introducing a mobile-friendly app in the indoor navigation arena, Information Technology specialists have taken the indoor mapping industry to another level. In most of the busy establishments such as malls, supermarkets, airports, art galleries, and museums, this technology comes in handy in wayfinding. If you do not want to get lost these buildings, you have to download the app and install it on your mobile phone. The indoor navigation app will enable you to locate your current position and highlight the key areas in the mall or airport to help you find the entries and exits.

Disaster Preparedness
Having such information is vital, especially during a disaster such as a fire. One of the main benefits of this technology is disaster preparedness. By identifying the fire assembly points and exits, people can avoid injuries and fatalities in case of a calamity. Hospitals can benefit from this technology significantly. Considering that most of the patients have mobility problems, knowing where you are going is vital. This technology can also help the families to find the patients easily during the visiting hours.

How GPS Improves the Shopping Experience
Today, the modern shopper has become increasingly demanding. With supermarkets investing in thousands of shelf space, finding what you require in a short while is a daunting task. However, these malls have invested in the custom navigation software that helps their customers to find the goods they need easily. One of the ways to upgrade the navigation system is to combine the GPS with WiFi. Whenever these systems combine, they deliver amazing results, even when the signal is weak. While most people are replacing the GPS with WiFi, the IT experts recommend combining these systems if you are looking to get more value for money. Remember that these services come from different consultants and that such systems can fail unexpectedly. As such, having a backup is always vital if you do not want to frustrate your customers.

Reducing congestion
Busy areas such as airports and malls can congest quickly. The best way to reduce congestion in such areas is to improve the flow of visitors. The congestion of human traffic in a building can have devastating results in the case of an emergency. If you want to evacuate a building, ensuring that the people can find the exits easily is vital.

Before the firefighters begin their job, they require plenty of information about the layout of the building and the position of various elements in the house. This software can help them to pinpoint the position of the valuable items that must be retrieved. More information can be found by visiting Jibestream.


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