Why You Have to Visit Nipigon


The serene Nipigon River flows through beautiful Ontario, Canada before finally making contact with Lake Superior. While this body of water moves gracefully, a humble yet fascinating town resides. This town is called (a very clever name) Nipigon. This town prides itself in its natural beauty, while maintaining a history rich in culture and heritage. It’s any nature lover’s dream.

Nipigon is filled to the brim with grandiose monuments that are courtesy of Mother Nature herself. Expanding shorelines stretch across the horizon. Freshwater lakes fill its core, bringing clean water to its residents. It’s topography is even more inspiring, with rugged hills, cliffs, and plains going as far as the eye can see. But the biggest natural wonder in Nipigon is that it holds access to both Lake Nipigon and Lake Superior.

One journey to this green country will show you just how deep it really is. Your adventures will be full of history, mystery, and amazement. It’s connection to the Great Lakes make it a wonderful canvas to engulf all visitors in fantastic stories of what the world truly has to offer.

Not only is Nipigon full of natural history, it’s also filled with economic history as well. Being a strategically placed community, being a crossroads to both eastern and western Canada and at the edge of the Trans-Canadian Highway, Nipigon is full of entrepreneurship that makes business feel complete, welcoming, and professional.

Nipigon, being so well situated near so many landmarks, naturally has many attractions for tourists and citizens alike to enjoy. Part of the benefit of being so close to Lake Superior is that people in Nipigon have easy access to Eagle Canyon Adventures, the number one tourist attraction for all of that Great Lake. Many wild trails wind through the woods over this canyon, but its main thrill comes from its bridge. This bridge that extends over the cliff edges is the longest foot suspension bridge in all of Canada. One step over this structure and you’ll see sights that you will never forget for as long as you live.


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