The Common Types of Industrial Filters


A manufacturing industry is poised to generate high levels of fumes and impurities that pollute the environment. Without proper filtration mechanism for these emissions, workers and people living in the neighborhood may experience serious health repercussions. It is essential for an industry to have industrial filters to ensure the working environment is conducive. There are many types of filters available in the market.

Below is a compilation of the different types:

DuoLine Felt bags

To provide depth filtration and surface to accommodate the maximum dirt capacity, these bags filters are manufactured by use of needles. Polypropylene, nylon, and high temperatures Nomex media are used to supply the filter bags. All these filter bags are free from silicon.

DuoLine HE

The applications that are more challenging use these types of industrial filters. They are designed to utilize polypropylene melt-blown media with multi-layers. Its pre-filtration layers are effectively made to provide high efficiency for the removal of solids. This also boosts its life span.

These filter bags are made available through the removal of ratings that make them applicable in critical occasions.

DuoLine NM

These filter bags are made from a range of nylon monofilament media to clothes. They produce bags that exhibit a high flow capacity. The precision filtration is ideal to selectively separate solids that are required for shop painting and applications in purification.

DuoLine OilOut

These industrial filters are specially designed for provision of effective capacity for oil absorption. These applications may be a wide range. Their manufacturing involves the combination of needle-felt and the microfiber polypropylene media. These bags are the best for oil removal as they are economical in particulate control. The bag’s PA ranges up to 25 times by weight in the oil capacity.


These bags are specifically designed for use in standard filter industries. They provide filtration at an effective cost for a wider range of applications. They are reusable from time to time after cleaning and are made from 316L stainless steel mesh with a high removal rate. They are of single, double, or even triple basket length and of different diameters.


The different types of industrial filters have different specifications and usage. They are all used in the manufacturing industries to ensure that the industrial workers are safe from harmful emissions during production. Some of these bags are economical to use but some are made of stainless steel which improves solids and dust removal rate. Manufacturing industries are expected to have industrial filters for a smooth operation of the firms. For more information, please visit Fil-Trek Corporation to find additional resources.


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