How the Use of Mobile Forms Improves Workflow


As a business owner or manager, you may have already taken numerous steps to improve workflow and overall functionality in your workplace, but there may still be room for improvement. Your efforts may be directly responsible for the productivity of your team and the overall efficiency of your operations. However, one area that many businesses with remote teams struggle with related to a paper-based workflow. Your remote team may be required to fill out numerous forms over the course of a workday, and they may later need to bring the forms to the office to be processed. This is inefficient in many ways, and the implementation of mobile forms may improve your operations dramatically.

Complete the Forms Faster
Your remote workforce likely does not have a dedicated work area to complete written forms in. They may make use of a hard surface in their work vehicle, complete forms sitting at a dining room table of a client or complete forms in other environments. Filling out forms by hand takes times, and the type of environment the worker is in may delay the process further. With online forms, the individual does not need a hard surface to write on. He or she may hand a tablet to a client to complete the form more quickly. In addition, it is often faster to type than to write by hand.

Submit Forms for Immediate Review
With your current workflow, your workers may accumulate a stack of paperwork to turn in at the end of the day. This means that forms are not being reviewed as quickly as they could be, and it also means that your office workers may have ebbs and flows with their work schedule. When mobile forms are used, the information can be transmitted electronically in real-time to another party. This can drastically speed up the work process, and it eliminates the need for your workers to return to the office at the end of each work day.

Get Responses Without Delay
Another great benefit associated with mobile work forms is that your back office team can process the paperwork more quickly. This may be for billing purposes, to issue an approval, to prepare a quote or for some other purposes. These activities can all be sped up through the use of mobile forms.

Creating mobile forms for your work activities may sound time-consuming and costly, but the reality is that there are now software programs available that take the time and effort out of this process. You can easily find an effective software program to develop mobile forms today, and within a few days, your team could be adjusting to a new and improved work process. The ProntoForms website is a useful resource if you would like more information.


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