How Function Dictates Your Industrial Door Selection


There are an extensive range of industrial work environments, and doors are commonly used throughout the interior and exterior of these different environments for a wide range of purposes. Some may be used to provide security and to seal the area from exposure to the elements. Others may be used to control the flow of traffic, to control sound from work areas and for many other purposes. When you are tasked with the job of selecting a new industrial door for your facility, a closer look at the functional needs in the environment is in order.

Traffic Flow in the Area
One of the primary factors to think about when selecting a new industrial door for your facility is the traffic flow in the area. Will there mostly be vehicle or human traffic? Will the traffic mostly be moving in one direction, or do you need to contend with two-way traffic? Vehicle traffic may be accommodated with garage-style doors. Two-way traffic may need swinging doors. Keep in mind that the type and amount of traffic will also dictate the dimensions of the door you need to purchase.

Visibility Through the Door
In some work environments, it is beneficial to have great visibility through the door. For example, in a loading dock environment, you can invest in a screen-style garage door that raises and lowers as needed, but it also is see-through for ease of use by the dock workers. In a hospital, however, you may have foot traffic with automatic doors that swing outward in opposing directions. Typically, people walk on the right side of a hallway, so the opposing directional swing of the doors is ideal for hallways where individuals may travel in both directions. Because these doors swing outward with the flow of traffic, it may not be necessary to have visibility through them.

Other Special Needs to Consider
Because there are so many types of industrial environments to consider, there may be special needs for doors in some environments. For example, you may have a clean room in your facility, and there are special doors that are designed specifically for use with clean rooms. There may also be refrigerated or cold rooms, and some doors have special seals on the to help you to better control temperature in those rooms.

Deciding which type of industrial door to buy is a chore. In addition to choosing the right type, you also need to choose the right material and the right look for your venue. Focus on the cost of the doors is also important. While there are many factors to consider, you can easily make a great decision when you work with the right industrial door company. For more information, visit Wilcox Door Service Inc. Mississauga and learn more from the available resources.


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