Why Microsoft Office 2010 is So Popular Among Its Users


It’s been decades since Microsoft did a revision of their Microsoft Office suite. This makes it difficult to imagine what new tools, feature or capabilities that they can potentially add to the 25-or-so old suite. However, their recent introduction of Microsoft Office 2010 surprised many with its countless new features that intended to ease their data collection, analysis and interpretation.

Customizable ribbon

This new Microsoft Office comes with a universal ribbon in every one of its application (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Publisher, Outlook and OneNote. This ribbon is characterized by a futuristic design and a polished feel, can be minimized or tucked out of the way when necessary. And the best part is, it is customizable. Users will have the capability to regroup multiple tabs and tools while administrators can create and distribute customized ribbons to users for a more simplistic and desirable approach.

Backstage view

Office 2010 has been designed with a new backstage button where users can access the behind-the-scenes documents operations by just clicking the ‘New’ menu button located at the top right side of the window. This button will allow you to ‘save’, ‘save as’, ‘open’ or ‘close’ existing operations. Additionally, the user can merge Office versions, check for file compatibility issues, modify document properties or scrub their documents of existing metadata for sharing purposes.

Preview pane

Included in Microsoft Office 2010 is an advanced live preview ‘pane’ that allow you to hover your mouse over a command or an option, allowing you to view the option before executing it. This way, you can make a decision about customizing/formatting your file before you can actually execute a command.

Office web apps

The product come with a set of web-based applications or rather online version of Excel, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote and InfoPath, that work better with SharePoint, Windows live and Microsoft Store to give you the best editing experience that you’ve never seen before.

Screenshot tool

Office 2010 will save you the trouble of having to take screen shots with other tools like the Windows Snipping Tool then paste them in your file or document. All you need to do is insert the ribbon, then click screenshot to grab the image that you wish to insert and there you have your go.

Photo-editing tools

It comes with new photo-editing tools and options that you can find by inserting a picture, selecting it then going to the format contextual ribbon to remove background or add other artistic effects. Its navigation pane resemble a map allowing you locate anything in your document regardless of its size. You can search for graphics, texts, equations, comments, tables or any other integrated tool.


Themes can also be utilized across all the Office suite applications to give your file or document a consistent and admirable look. The number of built-in themes have been increased from 20 in Office 2007 to 40 in this new Office 2010.

Therefore, for an advanced usability and value that represent a sensible choice for both your small or large business office’s documentary, then you can buy Microsoft Office 2010 from a potential retailer at an affordable price.


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