5 Tips for Using Fanny Packs When Traveling


If you haven’t heard, fanny packs are back, but they’re not just for concert-going teens and anyone who’s excited about the 90s style revival. They’re also for smart travelers who want to keep their money, credit cards, passport and other personal items safe and secure while biking, hiking or sight-seeing. Here’s how travelers can keep their belongings close with the help of fanny packs.

? Tip 1: Choosing the Right Size

The size fanny pack you’ll want will depend on what you’re planning to carry. If you’re going to be hiking with a large backpack and you just need your fanny pack to hold essentials, like money, important documents and the few small items you frequently reach for, you can get away with a small pack. However, if you’re going to be sightseeing and want to carry as little as possible, you may want a slightly larger fanny pack so that you can forgo a backpack altogether.

? Tip 2: Choosing the Right Weight

You may think that all fanny packs are light when it comes to weight, but the material has a lot to do with how heavy they are. For traveling, look for a fanny pack that’s specifically made for travelers, with lightweight, durable material. Once you start loading it up with your belongings, you’ll be happy you cut down on weight as much as possible.

? Tip 3: Consider the Safety of the Area

The type of fanny pack you get will also depend on how concealed you want to keep it. Some people feel safe with any size fanny pack because they’re a bit difficult to remove from your waist, which will help to prevent theft. However, if you’re going to be traveling in an area that’s swarming with pickpockets, you’ll want a fanny pack that you can easily hide under your clothing. Also consider how easily you can get into and out of it. If it’s difficult to fetch what you need, you’ll draw attention to yourself every time you need to get something.

? Tip 4: Look for Multiple Pockets

The more items you want to stuff into your fanny pack, the more compartments you’ll need. Having multiple pockets in your fanny pack makes it easy to keep everything organized. Look for a pack with one large bag to keep your bigger items, like your phone; a flat pocket for your passport, documents, money and credit cards; and then at least one small pocket for tiny items like your loose change and car key.

? Tip 5: Fanny Pack Alternatives

Some days, a fanny pack just won’t cut it – if you’re wearing clothing that isn’t loose and hanging, a fanny pack may be too obvious. It’s always a good idea to travel with an extra security pouch or two. You can find thin wallets to wear around your neck and under your clothing, or even on your leg or shoulder. The key is to get a pouch that will stay close to your body and hidden under whatever you’re wearing for the day. If you need any more information, Fanny Factory may be able to provide you with further insights and resources.


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